Call for Java Programming Mentor

Wando High School is looking for a Mentor with programming and troubleshooting experience in Java Programming for the First Robotics Club to guide the students in creating the robots programming. The individual would meet with the team some Mondays from 4pm to 6pm and, if able, would go to a competition or two. For more information please contact Cecil Gainy:


SPAWAR MAC Working Group Meeting Minutes

Attached are the meeting minutes from the first MAC Working Group. As a reminder, the CDCA has been invited to support this effort and is represented by David Hamburger and Brian Lindgren. We are soliciting input from our members which are related to any processes or policy you believe impacts competition, affordability, procurement lead time actions, personnel resources involved with task order preparation, processing, competitions, issuance and administration (including labor hours). This also includes issues that affect business access (especially small businesses) and participation at the pre- and post-award stages.


C5ISR Summit - 2014

    Highlighted speakers from our agenda:
  • VADM Ted Branch, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance, and Director of Naval Intelligence
  • VADM Jan Tighe, Commander, U.S. Fleet Cyber Command (U.S. 10th Fleet)
  • RDML Christian Becker, PEO C4I; PEO Space Systems (Accepted)
  • Mr. David DeVries, Acting DoD CIO (Accepted)
  • Ms. Janice Haith, DoN, Deputy CIO (Accepted)
  • Mr. Ronald Pontius, Deputy to the Commander US Army Cyber Command

MAC Working Group input deadline extended – please read.

SPAWAR has established a working group to review how it administrates multiple award contracts (MACs). The goal of this Government/Industry initiative is to assess the factors that relate to MAC solicitation, award and task order administration. The group will attempt to identify areas of improvement based on proven best practices, potential process improvements, standardization, and streamlining initiatives that could improve competition, total cost, business access and overall industry participation.The working group spans all of SPAWAR Atlantic, Pacific, and Headquarters MAC activities.

CDCA Board of Directors - Nomination Open

The CDCA is now accepting candidate nominations for the 2015 Board of Directors. Only Corporate Members are eligible to nominate candidates and all nominees must be a current employee of a CDCA Corporate Member company in good standing.

Nominations will close precisely at 11:59 PM on 16 Nov 2014. Any nomination received after that deadline will NOT be considered. Once all nominations are in, a ballot will be distributed to our corporate members.

When submitting a nomination, you should include the following:


2014 CDCA C5ISR Hack-a-Thon

Tuesday - 18 November

Hack-a-Thon is a capture the flag event to stretch your security muscle and have fun! You will have several systems to compromise and gain valuable tokens (flags) for points. Tokens are valued by difficulty and skillset required. To close the event, there will be a lessons learned, in which each team will demonstrate how they compromised a system and then explain how they would have hardened the systems to make it more difficult to be compromised. No matter what your skill level is, Hack-a-Thon is a great event to test your skills and have a blast!

F-35 Strikefighter Tour

AFCEA Charleston Low Country Chapter has been invited by Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort and COL Lieblein, MAG-31 Commander, to tour their facilities and see the bed-down for the first of 70 F-35 Joint Strikefighters to be stationed there under his command. These 5th generation aircraft are the core to the Marine Corps expeditionary warfighting capabilities for the 21st century and, in addition to stealth, have extraordinary C4ISR capabilities to dominate the future battlespace.

Date/Time: Friday, 17 Oct at 1:30 PM. Meet at MCAS Beaufort front gate (off Route 21). Tour will be about 90 minutes. Get together with MARCORPS hosts at the Officer's Club afterwards.