35th SBIOI on Feb 6th 2015

Friday, February 6, 2015
TRIDENT TECHNICAL COLLEGE The College Center at the Complex for Economic Development Culinary Institute of Charleston Building 920, 7000 Rivers Ave. North Charleston, SC. 29406
This venue allows small business company representatives the opportunity to meet with other small and large businesses, and SPAWAR technical and contract representatives in a neutral, non-competitive environment. Please RSVP below, negative RSVPs not required
0730 Continental Breakfast/Networking/Sign In
0800 Introduction & Welcom3 Brian Lindgren, CDCA Small Business Committee
0805 CDCA Status Report David Hamburger, CDCA President
0820 SPAWARSYSCEN LANT Welcome and Overview Steve Dunn
0900 Networking Break
0920 SPAWARSYSCEN LANT Acquisition Strategy / Contracts Update William Paggi
1025 Charleston County Chamber of Commerce TBD
1045 Networking break
1100 Greystones Group (small business) Patrick Reidy
1115 IPKeys (small business) Bob Horback
1130 Metronome (small business) Virgil Virga
1145 Harris IT Services Corporation (large business) Mike Troutman
1200 Lunch
1300 Announcements / CDCA 2015 Internship Program Josh Hatter / Jimi Elderman
1310 SPAWARSYSCEN LANT Small Business Update Robin Rourk
1330 Platform Installation and Integration Portfolio Mike Virnig
1400 Office of Research and Technology Applications Overview Michael Merriken