22nd SBIOI - October 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011
TRIDENT TECHNICAL COLLEGE The College Center at the Complex for Economic Development Culinary Institute of Charleston Building 920, 7000 Rivers Ave. North Charleston, SC. 29406

7:30 Continental Breakfast / Networking / Sign In
8:00 Introduction Pat Keaveny
8:10 SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic Overview Chris Miller
8:40 SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic FY12 Acquisition Strategy William Paggi

9:25 Networking Break

9:45 SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic Small Business Program Update Timothy Wiand
10:00 DCIS Fraud Prevention and Awareness Gil Rosen, SA
10:30 Janus Research Group (small business) John Dewey
10:45 Infoscitex (small business) Michael Cushman
11:00 BCF Solutions (small business) Brady Foster
11:15 ASRC (large business) Scott Altman
11:30 Hark (small business) Marilyn Reeves
11:45 CSC (large business) Ken Mason

12:00-1:00 Lunch
12:00 Attendees get lunches
12:45 Announcements Mark Gadomski

1:00 Cambridge Pixel, Ltd. (small business) Dave Johnson
1:15 SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic Pilot/Pillar Update Steve Harnig / Kathy Breitkreutz
1:45 SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic Quarterly CIC and
Non-Pilot/Pillar Contracts Update Donna Murphy

2:30-5:00 CDCA Town Hall Meeting
• Understand more about CDCA
• What do you want to know about the CDCA?
• What do you care about?