17th SBIOI - July 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010
TRIDENT TECHNICAL COLLEGE The College Center at the Complex for Economic Development Culinary Institute of Charleston Building 920, 7000 Rivers Ave. North Charleston, SC. 29406

7:30 Continental Breakfast / Networking Signup
8:00 Introduction and SBIOI 16 Feedback Pat Keaveny
8:15 SSC Atlantic Overview CAPT Urbon
8:45 SSC Atlantic Competency Aligned Organization Update Dave Monahan
9:15 SSC Atlantic Small Business Program Update Bob Meddick
9:30 SSC Atlantic 55100 Competency Overview Kevin Holcomb
10:00 US Coast Guard Counterdrug Program Challenges CAPT Giglio

10:30 Networking Break

10:45 H2PC (small business) Hazel Wiggington
11:00 Rividium (small business) Joseph Hunt
11:15 eVenture (small business) Ray Bellant
11:30 Chenega Tech. (large business) Doyle Reagan
11:45 PESystems, Inc. (small business) Don Freeman

12:00-1:00 Lunch
12:00 Attendees get lunches
12:45 Announcements Jack Moore

1:00 TeleDevices, LLC (small business) Alan Gardner
1:15 SSC Atlantic Contracts update Donna Murphy