10th SBIOI - October 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008
TRIDENT TECHNICAL COLLEGE The College Center at the Complex for Economic Development Culinary Institute of Charleston Building 920, 7000 Rivers Ave. North Charleston, SC. 29406

7:30 Continental Breakfast/Networking Signup
8:00 Introduction and SBIOI 9 Feedback Pat Keaveny
8:10 SSCC Opening Bob Meddick
8:25 SSCC New Commanding Officer Introduction CAPT Urbon
8:35 SSCC MRAP Overview LT Brian Phillips

9:05 Networking Break

9:45 EMN Defense Services (small business) Bill Schlichter
10:00 SSCC SOA University Project Gary Scott/Derik Pack
10:30 Radiance (small business) Art Kreutz
10:45 CBAIA (small business) Carl Lawson
11:00 Xenotran (small business) Ron Godlewski
11:15 DCS (large business) Dave Russell
11:30 VT MILCOM (large business) Stu Harris
11:45 Sterling Computers (small business) Jim Kruse

12:00-1:00 Lunch
12:00 Attendees get lunches
12:50 Announcements Mike Resler

1:00 Contracts/CIC update Donna Murphy
1:30-4:00 Small Business Break-Out Session

Hosted by:
Bob Meddick, Deputy for Small Business

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