23rd SBIOI - January 2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012
TRIDENT TECHNICAL COLLEGE The College Center at the Complex for Economic Development Culinary Institute of Charleston Building 920, 7000 Rivers Ave. North Charleston, SC. 29406

7:30 Continental Breakfast / Networking / Sign In
8:00 Introduction Pat Keaveny
8:10 SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic CO Welcome CAPT Glover
8:25 SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic Overview and Outlook for next FY Chris Miller
8:55 SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic FY12 Acquisition Strategy Update William Paggi

9:45 Networking Break

10:30 ViON Corporation (small business) Scott Briggs
10:45 Spry Methods, Inc. (small business) Dave Dobry
11:00 Bennett Aerospace (small business) Doug Bennett
11:15 Cambridge International Systems, Inc. (small business) Heather Summers
11:30 Secure Missions Solutions (large business) Phil Lacombe
11:45 M.C. Dean, Inc. (large business) Russell Thurston

12:00-1:00 Lunch
12:00 Attendees get lunches
12:45 Announcements Mark Gadomski

1:00 SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic SB Program Update Robin Rourk
1:15 SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic Pilot/Pillar Update Steve Harnig / Kathy Breitkreutz
1:45 SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic Quarterly CIC and
Non-Pilot/Pillar Contracts Update Donna Murphy
2:30-3:30 Small Business Break-Out Session
Hosted by: Robin Rourk, SSC-A Deputy for Small Business
Subcontracting Overview: An overview of how to better subcontract with area large businesses within the SSC Atlantic community, as well as the intricacies of the SSC-A source selection process.