Letter from the CDCA President

On behalf of the CDCA Board of Directors I would like to wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy and prosperous new year.

2013 was admittedly a difficult year for our industry, but it appears that the recovery may finally be taking hold, and there’s reason now for optimism as we head into the New Year. Some of that optimism for a brighter future stems from the Senate approval last week of the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The House overwhelmingly approved the defense spending bill 350 to 69 earlier this month. The agreement preserves most of the Pentagon’s $526 billion of discretionary authorization requests. Although the above bill does not provide a permanent solution it provides greater stability then we have enjoyed for some time.

There is also one other notable provision in the defense spending bill that should provide another layer of comfort for our region -- a rejection of the Department of Defense request for a new Base Closure and Realignment (BRAC) round in 2015, and specifically the bill prohibits the department from using any of the defense funds to prepare for a new round. This is good news, but know the CDCA is not standing by and is continuing to work hard to promote and protect Team Charleston as a national resource.
Another reason I’m optimistic in regards to local efforts is I think the Navy will gain a higher priority in the years ahead. As the Navy has not been nearly as essential over the last dozen years of war as the other services, but that is changing. As China’s first aircraft carrier weighs anchor just as that country flexes its muscle in the South China Sea, look to see the U.S. Navy become more of a funding priority.

In addition to CDCA specific efforts, we know that the local DoD component of Team Charleston cannot stand alone and as such we are working harder than ever with local leaders across the board in the understanding that we must leverage all of our assets and best capabilities to keep Charleston strong. The CDCA is committed to Team Charleston and continuing in our positive efforts to include, share, and leverage across local DoD, governments, and all the Lowcountry agencies, groups, and the organizations that support them. Team Charleston will remain strong and become stronger as we continue to work together. I firmly believe that Team Charleston’s innovative and responsiveness will be even more appreciated and we will remain in the forefront by providing added value to our national security efforts. Our national security and country will be better for it.

Have a Great Year!
Very Respectfully,
Mark Gadomski