NOLA Town Hall CIC Update

SPAWAR Overview/Introduction

Steve Harnig

Had $1.6 B obligations for 2018

Now in Q1 2019

The focus is to issue orders with longer terms and more money on them. Less churn is better for government and industry.

Contracting strategy – external vehicles:

New NxGen SeaPort due to come out next week. Will migrate to that.
CMS – Cyber Mission Systems – deliverables like a supply contract
CME – Cyber Mission Engineering – Internal service projects such as those requiring TS

The CIC has been retooled with the objective of government and industry working together more. Industry is also a stakeholder in contracts.

Market Research Working Group

Robin Rourk

Group comprised of 8 government representatives and 4-5 small and large industry reps. Objective to improve market research processes and communications. We sent a survey to industry. The response was good – 60%.


76% responded that we are doing a good job with Market Research

Room for improvement:

More feedback and more timely and thorough information sharing

Need more training for IPTs – what is it that MR should do?

Be consistent across contracts competency


Look into other groups e.g. NASA to get ideas and samples of what/how they do market research and send to us.

What is Market Research and how does it work:

Key task orders are sent in the form of RFIs – asking industry can you do this; do you have the capabilities?

Technical folks look at this and send information to contracting officer to determine if the opportunity should be a set aside.

If it is to come out unrestricted, we must send to the SBA for approval before release.

Our goal is to be more transparent. In the task order world, things are a bit different than RFPs/ solicitations.

The information and feedback that we receive from RFIs including how to evaluate and requirements is valuable.

Question – How do you handle the Certifications Piece? 

These are handled with more specific questions – a draft asking for questions, not really part of Market Research. Market Research is a big umbrella which includes things like whitepapers with suggestions.

Question – There is a common belief “Once 8A always 8A.” How do you address this and under what circumstances might the scope enlarge or change?

CFR helps makes determinations – asks SBA. It is true that 8A is expected to remain so, but analyses are conducted to determine if scope or requirements have changed. If 8A is limiting competition, it can be pulled. The Contracting Officer makes the decision. However, the KO relies heavily on IPT feedback/analysis. Small business should be able to do 50% or more of the work.

 Question – What can you tell us about the newer OTAs and consortiums?

This is totally unrelated to Market Research. (Steve) When the scope is very broad, bringing in a consortium makes sense. The consortium manager takes responsibility off the government. This allows agility and the process to go faster. IWRP is that project for SPAWAR. Another example is NSRP at NAVSEA.

 Question – How is it determined whether to use the $15M or $38.5M size standard?

This is always NAICS dependent.  We most often use the engineering services NAICS 541330 and the standard size of $38.5M. 

Labor Category Working Group

Manny Lovgren

Group comprised of 5 government and 4 industry representatives. Group’s objective is to fill in existing gaps on positions, for example no IT or junior categories. Make project specific categories.

Needs identified by and recommendations made:

·         Professional interns – expand to 7 and include college seniors

·         5 new professional categories

·         2 new SCA categories

·         Additional updates to professional categories

These having been identified, we are working to implement and execute in 2019.

(Steve) The industry and government membership works well. Representation is good and Steve looks at and communicates directly with the group members. This structure gives Steve the opportunity to look at recommendations twice and be involved.


New Orleans Opportunities/Outlook

Mark Krause

Business process reengineering and D4MSM are opportunities with potential for huge dollars to which we should pay attention.

VA is looking for the same product – Electronic health records.

NAVSUP – SPAWAR HQ - Ray Terminie has 100 people and needs help.

NAVSEA opportunities – System Integration Infrastructure Modernization – Patrick Fitzgerald

N1 70% of those working here are aligned to this Data Center. Need to pull functional pieces out of legacy system – model based system engineering.

Electronic Payroll System – Army is an example.  Navy DFAS has given back pay functions and there are not enough people to handle this. My Pay Site – retirement portal could go down; My Navy Career Center – need integration and CRM VOIP solution; My Navy Portal has more challenges as well.

Navy help desk consolidation – 95 desks with 3 primary sites – one here in NOLA –need help desk personnel

Data Center – the Navy wants everything to go to the Cloud – need broker – SPAWAR is a broker and need legacy application transitions

Need to shorten the timeline for RMF.

NAVAIR support desk to PEO EIS – mobility ID management solution (dual authentication) – back end piece will take time to develop

N4 – NMMS TR – COTS requirements – foundation solid with the work that has been done

Question – What about JEDI?

JEDI is DISA’s cloud program – it may be added as an option to the service offerings already in place, which are Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure.

Question – Where can we get notifications of opportunities/events like this?

SPAWAR E-commerce, CDCA, Small Business Industry Outreach Initiatives (SBIOIs), FED Biz Ops




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