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The Charleston Defense Contractor’s Association (CDCA) supports the defense community in the Charleston area. Membership in the CDCA enables each Defense contractor in the area to support the Defense community. CDCA advocates Defense issues with the community and represents its members with SPAWAR and other Government agencies in the area.

CDCA also provides input on issues and initiatives to the broader community in such areas as education, small business mentoring, and Congressional liaison. The CDCA is a trusted associate of the Charleston Metro Area Chamber of Commerce. CDCA fills an important need to speak with one, trusted voice for the Defense-related C5ISR segment of the regional business community. CDCA can only be an effective organization if it has the funds necessary to operate. We achieve our operating capital each year through annually-renewed memberships. CDCA is a means for members of the defense business community in Charleston and the surrounding area to show their support and be provided a greater voice in the issues and initiatives that are important for their continuing success.


  • Membership is prorated and ends on the calendar year.
  • Voting eligibility is based on yearly membership fees paid, where each Company membership is eligible for one voting ballot during elections.
  • Only companies with memberships at the Corporate or Platinum levels are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.
  • Small Business membership must be either 1) Listed at Small Business under NAICS code 541330 exception 1 in SAM or 2) Verify that the 3 yr average revenue is under $14.5 million

The CDCA accepts PayPal, checks, and cash. Checks can be mailed to: 

Charleston Defense Contractors Association P.O. Box 61089 North Charleston, SC 29419 

Email for any questions. 





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